QA Line is a United States based company with over 35 years of experience in laboratory design and development. We are also a full-line distributor of laboratory supplies specializing in bench equipment, laboratory consumables, safety products.

Professional laboratory design, development and supply.

QA Line specializes in development and supplying of industrial microbiology and chemistry laboratories and food laboratories. On-site laboratories bring many advantages including significantly reduced testing costs, full control over your Quality Assurance (QA) program, and faster results for critical decision making.

QA Line is the only company that combines lab design, development of the lab, all aspects of equipping the lab including custom equipment, providing all consumables needed to run the lab, and development of lab procedures and Quality Manual (up to and including ISO 17025 certification) to insure state of the art lab results. We have experience in all methodologies for food testing including BAM, EIA test kits, PCR test kits, and testing automation. Count on us to help you develop and run an effective lab for your operations.


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QA Line is prepared to help you start or expand your lab operation. We are Lab Operational Efficiency Experts that can help improve lab data while driving down testing costs.

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From 200 sq ft up to your “dream lab”, we help with design and flow of the lab to maximize space and technician productivity while reducing cross contamination. We can build inside existing spaces, erect new buildings or build double wide trailers that can be up and running in as little as 90 days.


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