Lab Equipment

QA Line offers both ready made and custom created lab equipment that provide reliable performance and results.  Small or large we have it all or we’ll design and produce it for you.







Lab Equipment - Environmental Chambers

Environmental ChambersQA Line Custom Walk In incubators and Environmental chambers are engineered for accuracy, efficiancy and heavy use to meet the rigorous demands of the industrial laboratory. The patent pending desing combines highly insulated construction with the latest digital controls allows these chambers to achieve excellent temperature uniformity and set point accuracy.

Lab Equipment - Autoclaves

Autoclaves QA Line handles multiple sizes of autoclaves for the micro lab. We understand the need for reliable autoclaves that allow for liquid cycles for media sterilization. From small counter top models to large free standing units, our equipment is reliable and ready for media prep and trash sterilization.

Lab Equipment - Walk In Coolers / Freezers

Walk In Coolers / Freezers QA Line can work with your staff for almost any custom size walk in to meet your needs. With turn key operation, we can design construct and install a wide variety of sizes and configurations, even for mission critical items.

Lab Equipment - Lab Furniture

Lab Furniture Lab Carts from Intermetro Industries allow for autoclaving the shelves to prevent contamination. They hold alot of weight, roll easy and are available in multiple sizes and configurations.

Lab Equipment - Bench Equipment

Bench Equipment Lab pH bench meters with multiple configurations. Highly accurate and reliable with refillable probes.

Lab Equipment - Bench Equipment

Bench Equipment Lab Hot Plate / Stirrers help dissolve powdered media and speed up the media prep process