Lab Supplies


Powdered and prepared media produced by a world class, ISO 9001:2008 approved company here in the USA. ALPHA BIOSCIENCES is our lab supplier of choice, with standard and custom sizes available for almost any type media. We make what you need to streamline your media preparation. Experience the quality and reliability which is as good or better than ANY other media manufacturer and get great discounts as well!



Pipette Tips • Sample Bags • Sponges • Disposable Pipets, etc. All the lab supplies you need to keep running. We are proud to have the following manufacturers products available for your lab:

Interscience has a wide range of lab supplies that are designed to create an efficient sample flow through your lab. Check out the videos below for how that works.

Whirl-Pak bags from NASCO are very popular with our clients and with good reason. They have a wide array of sample bags to choose from covering every application imaginable.



Help monitor your environment in either the lab or the food processing areas to help control potential contamination. By partnering with Hygiena, we offer a broad range of rapid hygiene monitoring systems, environmental collection systems and rapid dilution devices. Utilizing these processes along with easy to use data compilation software helps evaluate trending of problem areas and identify control solutions. See the video shown here and contact us to discuss your specific needs.